We are not just a translating company. We are aiming to help our clients with better communicating their products, services, who they are: within and outside their company. It’s not only in the way to communicate, it’s also about how you do it. Focusing and tailoring the message to the audience is paramount. And this is exactly where we can help.

The business idea resulted naturally from the language skills we both have and the identified need for professional translating. The skills were obtained after years and years of learning and practice. It’s all about passion, which is in our view the main ingredient to outperformance. It’s already a part of who we are and it’s the core of all the other competencies. Moreover, it’s our business and that is the most powerful guarantee for the quality of our work.

Core means

  • The tough central part of various fruits, containing the seeds;
  • The part of something that is central to its existence or character;
  • An important or unchanging group of people forming the central part of a larger body:
  • The dense central region of a planet, especially the nickel-iron inner part of the earth.
  • Denoting or relating to a figure or inflation that excludes certain items,chiefly food and energy, that are subject to sudden and temporary price fluctuations:core inflation was up X percent over the 12 month period. Source: Oxford Dictionaries

 Core competency

  • The main strengths or strategic advantages of a business. Core competencies are the combination of pooled knowledge and technical capacities that allow a business to be competitive in the marketplace. Theoretically, a core competency should allow a company to expand into new end markets as well as provide a significant benefit to customers. It should also be hard for competitors to replicate.
  • The term „core competency” is relatively new. It originated in a 1990 Harvard Business Review article. In it, the authors suggest that business functions not enhanced by core competencies should be outsourced if economically feasible. Source: investopedia.com